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Peringuey's Adder - Side Winder - Bitis Perinqueyi
Namaqua Chameleon (Chamaeleo namaquensis)
Tenebrionid Beetles (Tok Tokkies)

The Living Desert Tour, originally developed by Tommy himself in the 1990’s, is a unique 4x4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund, Namibia. Just the drive in the dunes is an amazing experience, but Tommy will show you a lot more than sand. The tour takes you from the vegetated, life-rich eastern side of the dunes, right through the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean on the western side of the dune belt.

Tommy introduces you to some of the fascinating, hidden life in this apparently barren landscape that is part of the Namib Desert. Here you can find creatures endemic to the Namib: the sidewinder (Peringuey's Adder), the Palmato Gecko with its transparent skin and beautiful colours - we dig into the dune side to find this nocturnal desert-dweller. We track the large Namaqua Chameleon, and watch it enjoy brunch. Then it's a dash to catch the swift sand-diving lizard.

We find out how the area's plants and small animals survive the harsh climate, and how they obtain water for life. You will also track a FitzSimon's Burrowing Skink across the dune face, in hopes of catching this legless lizard. Along the way, Tommy will explain the variety of dune colours. At the end of the tour, weather permitting, you will experience a 'roaring' dune.

Other characters to be found in the dune belt are the 'dancing' White Lady Spider; the Parabuthus Villosus black scorpion; the occasional horned adder or sand-snake; desert wasps, fish-moths, crickets and several beetle species, and many more.

A Living Desert Tour with the enthusiastic Tommy is educational, fun and an unforgettable experience. You will see the desert and dunes with new eyes. The photographic opportunities are endless too: make sure those batteries are charged before you leave!

Living Desert Tour
Rates: 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2021
N$800 per person
Rates 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
N$850 per person.
Children 0 to 12 years half-price.
Minimum of two people. Refreshments of bottled water, 100% fruit juice, Coke, lemonade, dry lemon included.

Full Day Tour (Living Desert Tour & Welwitschia/Moon Landscape Desert Tour.
Rates: 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2021
N$1600.00 per person.
Rates: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
N$1700.00 per person
Children 0 to 12 years half-price.


Die Lebende Wüste-Tour, von Tommy selbst über mehrere Jahre zusammen gestellt, ist eine einmalige Allrad-Abenteuerfahrt durch die Dünen außerhalb Swakopmund. Allein die Fahrt durch die Dünen (etwa 30 km) ist eine unvergessliche Erfahrung, denn Tommy ist darin erfahren, den Spuren von lebenden Wesen zu folgen und sie aufzuspüren: Seitenwinder, Palmatogeckos, Wüstenchamäleons, FitzSimons Sandskinks (Glattechsen), Sandtaucheidechsen, Skorpione usw. Tommy wird Ihnen alles über das Pflanzenreich als auch die Insekten und Mineralien erzählen, und Sie werden eine Brummdüne erleben. Die Fahrt durch die Dünen bringt Sie von der an Leben reichen Ostseite zum Atlantischen Ozean im Westen. Die Fahrt ist nicht nur ökobewusst und informativ, sondern bietet auch Spaß. Kinder sind willkommen. Es gibt viel zu sehen, zu erleben und zu fotografieren!

Fitzsimon’s Burrowing Skink (Typlacontias brevipes)
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Tommy Collard has been involved in conservation, tourism, herpetology and farming all his life. You will find his enthusiasm for desert life catching!

Although Tommy specializes in the 'Living Desert' Tour, which he personally developed over a number of years, he is fully experienced in doing all the half-day and full day tours that the area has to offer. The 'Living Desert' tour, which allows you to experience the unexpected life in the dunes up close with a conservation-minded approach, has become one of the most popular 4x4 tours at the coast.
Cartwheeling Spider (Carparachne aureoflava)
Reticulated Desert Lizard (Meroles reticulates)
Palmato Gecko (Palmotogecko rangei)
Shovel-Snouted Lizard (Meroles anchietae)
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