Tiny creatures of the Namib

Getting up close and personal with the Namib Desert will reward you more than you can ever imagine. Going on a Living Desert Tour is almost like looking at the desert through a magnifying glass. You will be pleasantly surprised at what it has to offer.

Before you know it you will be in the living room of little creatures that call the Namib their home. From the Peringuey’s Adder hidden underneath the sand in such a way that only the trained eye will be able to spot it, to the beautiful Palmato gecko hiding underneath the cool Namib sand, resting before coming out at night to hunt. Not even to talk about the Namib chameleon coming to meet you for a mid morning snack. These little animals leaves you amazed at how well adapted they are for the scorching heat of the Namib sun. From the kind of see-through Palmato, who licks the moisture of its body to survive to the Namaqua Chameleon who is the fastest moving chameleon on the earth. Suppose this is to prevent its feet from burning. 🙂

Once on a living desert tour your whole perspective of the Namib and what possibly can survive in it will change dramatically. You will look at this barren peace of land with new eyes and realize that there is even a life lesson for us in it “Every creature, living here adapted to make the most if its circumstances. “

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